About :transportgeo:

Hector Agredano is a graduate student in Geography in the department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City. He received a BA with Honors in Sociology from the University of California at Santa Cruz and studied at the University of Toulouse II – Le Mirail in Toulouse, France from 2006-2007. Hector worked as a research assistant to Dr. Inez Miyares from Fall 2009 to Spring 2010 and to Dr. Neil Smith at the CUNY Graduate Center from Fall 2010 to Spring 2012.

His many research interests include transportation geography, the Mexican Revolution, Marxism, physical infrastructures and logistics. He is currently working on a dissertation that explores the relationship between railroads, transport infrastructures and the Mexican Revolution.

His dissertation research forms part of a larger enterprise that seeks to develop a systematic political economic analysis of transport and transportation systems under capitalism. The :transportgeo: blog is a tool to disseminate information and to communicate with others (in and outside of academia) who are interested on the intersections of transport studies and social justice.

He is also involved in the formation of the network of transport justice scholars and activists. Some of our plans include journal publications, online resource centers, peer-review support and annual conference events at the Association of American Geographers meetings.

Currently, he is working together with students from Columbia University to launch the Center for Critical Transport Studies.

If you would like to participate in these events please contact Hector Agredano at hagredano@gc.cuny.edu

Publications, presentations and expositions:

  • Presentation: “Trends in Outreach Strategies Among NSF-OEDG Supported Geoscience Programs.” Annual American Association of Geography Meeting, Washington D.C., 2010.
  • Agredano, Hector. “Explaining the Crisis, interview with David Harvey.” International Socialist Review. Issue 73, Sept-Oct 2010.
  • Lodha S, Crow B, et al. “Visualizing Health Determinants in Global Health.” Working Papers, Center for Global, International and Regional Studies, UC Santa Cruz. 2008.

Fellowships, scholarships and awards:

  • Dean K. Harrison Fellowship, 2009-2010, 2010, 2011-2012, 2012-pesent
  • Graduate Center Assistantship B, 2009-2010, 2010, 2011-2012

Teaching experience:

  • Social Foundations of International Studies (INTL 305) City College of New York. Department of International Studies.  Fall 2012.

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2 comments on “About :transportgeo:

  1. Hector,

    Your work looks very interesting. I was told to contact you by Micheal Minn. I am working on a project analyzing the environmental and social impacts of railroads in Amazonia. So far, I have not been able to find substantive literature on these impacts, especially the environmental
    impacts. Are you familiar with any literature about the impacts of rail on
    the environment and/ or the people?

    Thanks for you time,


    • Hello George, I hope that you are well. Thanks for your message.

      Unfortunately I am not too familiar with railroads in Brazil. I do know that the Madeira Mamoré Railroad was important during the rubber boom between 1880 and 1910.

      What dates are you looking at and what railroad are you trying to research. Is this for a dissertation?



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